Business Etiquette: Gaining That Extra Edge

When you learn and know how to apply good business etiquette, you gain an edge as someone who is seen as competent, confident, and who can develop relationships readily and with ease. With business etiquette training, you can stop worrying about making mistakes and start focusing on what really matters!

SACA’s one-day Business Etiquette course teaches students how to feel more confident in their business communications in every situation, whether it's exchanging business cards, writing an e-mail, answering a call, or networking. Students learn how to dress appropriately for their workplace, how to handle business lunches and meetings, the art of making small talk, and more. Avoid offending people unintentionally and become a polished professional by learning how to make great first impressions and put people at ease. 

How you will benefit:

  • Effective networking, including making introductions, shaking hands, and using business cards appropriately
  • How to dress appropriately for every business occasion
  • How to feel comfortable when dining in business and formal situations
  • How to feel more confident of your business communication in every situation
  • That extra edge that establishes trust and credibility