Change Management: Change and How to Deal With It

Traditionally, change happened in short bursts, and was often followed by a longer period of stable operations. With the rate things change today, those rest periods are a thing of the past: change in the workplace can be continuous. How can companies adapting to change keep up to date? With the right strategies for change management in place, dealing with changes in the workplace can go from stressful, rocky rides to easy transitions. With SACA’s Change Management course, students learn how to cope with changes in the workplace, whether it’s a change in organisational structure, an upgrade in technology, or changing workflow and production.

Students learn healthy ways of reacting to change, how to handle transition periods, and learn to see change as an opportunity for motivation and innovation.

How you will benefit:

  • Accept that there are no normal or abnormal ways of reacting to change
  • See change as an essential element that is positive
  • Recognize that adapting to change is all about attitude
  • Identify the stages of change we go through as we learn to deal with change
  • See change as an opportunity for self-motivation and innovation
  • Develop strategies for dealing with and accepting changes in your organization