Armed Robbery and Trauma Survival Techniques

South African’s as a society experience significantly higher levels of violent crime and trauma compared to most other countries in the World. This course is a South African product, designed for South African conditions.

The course aims to give the learner the skills to not only survive an armed robbery, but also the skill to identify and deal with the effects of post trauma stress which if not addressed, has a significant detrimental effect all aspects of their lives – including their performance at work.

How you will benefit:

  • Identify suspicious behaviour and circumstances that are commonly associated to armed robberies.
  • Describe what to do if they are approached by potential armed robbers for information or to participate in the crime.
  • Describe how to report information relating to circumstances and demonstrate an understanding of how culture of silence contributes to the cycle of crime.
  • Identify the symptoms of post traumatic stress and demonstrate how to deal with these issues.

Training Aligned to

  • SAQA Unit Standard 257255 – Deal with armed robbery incidents
  • SAQA Unit Standard 244578 - Describe how to manage reactions arising from a traumatic event