Gaming Floor Security

Gaming Security is responsible for all the general functions related to physical security and more.

Gaming Security personnel working at casinos form an integral part of the gaming function. In casinos various checks and balances have been introduced to minimize opportunities for theft and casino related scams, including cheating activities. As a matter of fact, casinos will not be profitable if it not for the efforts of gaming security to ensure the safeguarding of casino chips, cash, tokens and other items of value to the casino.

Gaming Security are involved in all aspects of gaming and provide a service to every single casino department in one way or the other.

This training course will provide the learner, with a broad overview of the functions of gaming security officers in their various job functions within the casino environment.

Understand and practice Gaming Security functions for:

  • Slots
  • Tables
  • Key Issue
  • Emergency Situations
  • Disputes & Evictions
  • Customer Service