Conflict Management for Frontline Casino Workforce

The course aims to provide the learner with practical skills to identify, diffuse and resolve potential conflict situations with the view to ensuring sustainable customer relations whilst also avoiding costly civil and criminal liability claims that often result from the improper handling of these situations. Although the course is aimed at frontline gaming staff, it also has relevance to supervisory staff, security personnel and F&B waiters and waitrons.

How you will benefit:

The Nature of the Customer

The emotions elicited by gambling and the psychological drivers of various customers are explored with a view to understanding how these factors could contribute to a potential conflict situation.

 Basic understanding of Conflict

Learners are introduced to the various stages of conflict and the Conflict Escalation Model which forms the basis for effective conflict management, the application of which will be demonstrated through interactive role play scenarios.

 Consequences of improper Conflict Management

Old and new legislated processes, legal actions and the effects of customer dissatisfaction as result of improper Conflict handling will provide learners with a reason to buy into the Conflict Management concept.

 How to handle conflict

Basic conflict handling skills will be practiced by learners. Innovative role plays, creative activities and assessments will ensure an altogether professional approach to conflict management.