Risk Management Approach to Security

Casino Managers and Risk Managers are already well familiar with the many benefits of proper risk management practices. Surveillance Operators and Security Personnel are currently used with great success to monitor compliance to established risk control measures.

With the relevant skills Surveillance and Security can further assist to identify and assess risk, better measure and evaluate the effects of risk control practices and report on the entire risk management process.

By entrenching principles of risk management as a whole, Surveillance and Security Operators will view their jobs in a whole new light. This training course will equip individuals to better understand the role they play in the larger risk management process. Delegates attending this training will be better positioned to identify and assess risk, assist with the development and implementation of risk controls and finally provide better reporting on the usefulness of controls and the entire risk management process.

How you will benefit:

  • Learn the basic principles of Enterprise Risk Management
  • Understand Risk Management as a process
  • How to conduct Risk Assessments
  • Proper Risk Reporting
  • Compile Risk Treatment Plans
  • Conduct Risk Reviews and Monitoring
  • Practical look at risk management at your casino