First Information Report

Security and Surveillance Personnel are frequently confronted with reports of incidents or events that may have significant consequences to the organisation.

First Information Reports provide the foundation for subsequent investigations into an incident or event. If responded to incorrectly these, reports may cost the organisation dearly in both monetary and reputational damages.

First reports need to be recorded accurately and complete for future use. Witness Statements and Written Reports are the most common methods to record first reports and subsequent investigations. When documenting these reports the operator need to extract relevant information that may later be used as evidence.

This training course is designed to provide a brief overview of preliminary investigations and the various forms of evidence that provide substance to a First Information Report. In doing so the operator needs to be aware of motivations and methods of deceit employed by people when providing information with evidential value. Significant focus is placed on identifying deceit (across different cultures) and responding to such deceit appropriately. This is achieved through the use of practical activities and insightful video footage.

Proper Statement taking and Report writing techniques are learned and practiced. Skills taught during this two day training session will benefit individuals obtaining First Information Reports as well as those responsible for subsequent investigations.

How you will benefit:

  • Obtain a good working knowledge of Incident Investigations
  • Learn the tricks to proper interview and interrogation techniques
  • Obtained detailed and accurate statements
  • Write Good Reports