Unit Standards with SAQA

258037 Batch coins and tokens

258055 Monitor clearance and count procedures

258066 Operate communication equipment

258071 Assist in dealing with problem and pathological gambling in the workplace

258043 Comply with security procedures for dealers

258057 Deal American Roulette

258059 Deal Blackjack

258044 Deal Poker

258036 Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the slots department and internal procedures

258045 Handle casino chips

258070 Install, remove, convert and upgrade gaming machines and gaming related equipment and systems

258067 Maintain security within a gaming environment

258060 Make gaming machine payouts

258041 Manage the float in a gaming environment

258061 Monitor gaming operations

258035 Operate a chip and cash and coin float

258058 Operate a smart card system

258855 Operate and maintain cashiering equipment

258040 Process cheque, credit card and bank transactions

258038 Process slots transactions and redeem and retrieve slots shorts

258039 Process table transactions

258062 Recognise and report customer cheat moves

258064 Carry out fault finding, fault resolution, repair, maintenance and servicing of gaming machines and gaming related equipment and systems

258046 Control a slots safe inventory

258042 Control the casino float

258068 Deal Punto Banco

258069 Demonstrate knowledge of and operate slot machines