“Selling” your Training Department

Many of our clients have reported that they find it difficult to attract learners willing to participate in their Training Department’s skills development initiatives. We would like to offer some simple tips on how to “sell” your Training Department to prospective learners and department managers.

Some companies have reported an increase in enrolment and general positive attitudes towards training, technologies and systems when the training department “markets” training courses they have on offer. This enhances learning and encourages real improvements in performance when learners return to the workplace. 

Keep the following in mind when you decide to market or “sell” training to functional gaming departments:

  • What is your product?
    Exactly what training course are you marketing? Focus on the skills, behaviour or attitude that the particular training course aims to improve.
  • What is your market?
    Who are you marketing the course to and what are their characteristics? There will be a difference in how you communicate with experienced, well established employees, versus individuals who have only recently started with the company. Although some prospective learners will be enthusiastic about learning new skills, others may be more hostile, apathetic or even fearful.
  • What is your competition?
    Although you are the only training department for your unit, you will still be competing for demands on the employees’ time, negative attitudes, apathy, and hostility towards training or new technology. Remember that you will be asking learners to spend their time and energy on training and to embrace new skills learnt. We would like them to take what they have learnt in the classroom back to the workplace.
  • How will you know if you’re successful?
    Measure the success of your marketing efforts on the success of your training. Apply these simple guidelines and learners will express confidence and enthusiasm about training, they will learn the knowledge and skills taught, put these skills to use in their work and create positive results for your casino.
    When marketing the training you wish to “sell” to the departments, remember to sell the value of the training and not the training itself. Cultivate a positive attitude towards training and spark enthusiasm for the training programme through the way you communicate with your market.

SACA has brochures available for every single training course on offer to assist in your quest to “sell” your Training Department.

Good luck!