Return on Investment

Using SACA and its partners as your preferred training provider and registering employees for learnerships or skills programmes benefits your B-BBEE rating and offers you opportunities for tax incentives. These benefits set aside; we would like to offer you true value for money in maintaining the highest of standards in our facilitation, assessments and administration.

Measuring the success of a training program is a vital way of proving the cost effectiveness of that training. Besides this, you may want to know that the skills learned are being implemented in the work place, if attitudes are improved and if the gaps in the competencies have been addressed.

Our facilitators provide comprehensive feedback on the training sessions completed. We also encourage learners to commit to implementing what they have learnt when they return to the workplace. This is accomplished by asking learners to complete the post course personal action plans. These action plans for every learner will be made available to the casino training department. We also offer our clients tools to measure the attitudes and performance of learners. This is done to determine if improvements are noticeable in the workplace. To facilitate this process our post course effectiveness measurement questionnaire can be used by training coordinators and supervisors.

This is a simple process and should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.