Our Training

SACA and her partners are able to cater to a broad spectrum of training needs. On this site you will find information for training on tourism, hospitality, gaming, gaming regulators, compliance, safety and security, CCTV operator skills, labour relations, junior and middle management, self-management and much, much more.

SACA is entrenched in the NQF process and offer a wide variety of accredited skills development opportunities. These could be in the form of registered learnerships or skills programmes or individually registered Unit Standards to address specific training needs.

We also recognise the importance of need specific; target orientated training courses not necessarily catered for by registered SAQA Unit Standards. As such we have developed a whole range of non-accredited training courses that addresses specific needs. These courses are all outcomes based and where possible, aligned to registered SAQA Unit Standards.

Please select the menu items on the left for lists as well as detailed descriptions of all our training courses.